Our world, once beautiful, filled with hope and ripe with life, now stares into the emptiness of extinction. Where kingdoms reigned, capital cities now sprawl, rife with fear and loss. Those upon the edges of the Wilds become fewer, as Corruption seeps from shadows down deep. But we will not submit to the night. We will not willingly be consumed by the Gloom. Companies will rise. The Grey Wolves will fight. While Manifest may tear themselves from our dreams, we will take back the light they have stolen. Fight with us. Make your print in The Chronicles of the Grey Wolves

BOOK I: Something is amiss in Blackburn. Will the Grey Wolves figure it out in time.

Ages have risen into glory and ages have fallen into despair. Ages have yet to be drawn into the Currents of Time then swallowed by its forgotten depths. Just as the ages before our own have gone, so too shall this age pass into Nothingness. None know as to when its end will come. And even though True Night stalks ever closer, none know as to what will bring about this current age’s demise. Rather than wait for the encroaching darkness, let us establish the coming age now. Let’s begin shaping the distant ages that are to follow before it is too late.

We can only accomplish this by remembering from where it is whence we came. By acknowledging where it is that we are. To do this we must start from the Beginning, where Nothingness reigned and the Currents of Time had yet to stir. Let us walk these legendary eras of written and unwritten history. Some claim these times to be glorified myths. Others have declared it definitive truth. Have faith that what I tell you be true. Yet, also know this, truth from the lips of mortals is never absolute.


Beyond the boundary of the Gloom Wall lie other worlds. Worlds free of Corruption and the Manifest. These are the tales of those who live free from the Brood of Gloom.