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Ages have risen into glory and ages have fallen into despair. Ages have yet to be drawn into the Currents of Time then swallowed by its forgotten depths. Just as the ages before our own have gone, so too shall this age pass into Nothingness. None know as to when its end will come. And even though True Night stalks ever closer, none know as to what will bring about this current age’s demise. Rather than wait for the encroaching darkness, let us establish the coming age now. Let’s begin shaping the distant ages that are to follow before it is too late.

We can only accomplish this by remembering from where it is whence we came. By acknowledging where it is that we are. To do this we must start from the Beginning, where Nothingness reigned and the Currents of Time had yet to stir. Let us walk these legendary eras of written and unwritten history. Some claim these times to be glorified myths. Others have declared it definitive truth. Have faith that what I tell you be true. Yet, also know this, truth from the lips of mortals is never absolute.

Check our HISTORY, MYTHS & TALES: NIGHT HAS BECOME RESTLESS episode for an expanded introduction of the history the Midnight Kingdoms

An age of myth and legend. Of perceived Timelessness and Immortality. When Triptych of Earth, Sun, and Moon rose out of Nothingness and brought balance to the Universe.

The balance of Matter – of death, birth, and life.
The balance of Time – of future, past, and present.
The balance of Space – of darkness, light, and shadow.

Animals set upon the land, creatures swam through the seas, and beasts flew across the sky.
The The greatest among these were the Primodrium – the children of night, day, and twilight.

When Pneuma [new-mah], the magical essence of existence, permeated all that was known.
Sun’yo [soon-yoh], Brother of Warmth and Light, breathed life into the dragons, giants, and goblins.
Man’yia [mahn-yah], Sister of Temperance and Night, dreamt and brought shape to the elves, tabaxi, and gnomes.
Phi’orgyn, Begetter of Sun and Moon, brought form to the dwarves and orcs.

History of where, how, or why the Gloom came has been lost if ever known. None remember its True Name. Knowledge of its appearance and the birth of its brood vanished during the Purge countless generations ago. The Gloom has a relentless need to bring an end to existence and for the Universe to return to the vacuous void of Nothingness.

Truth of the Purge and the events that occurred vary but aren’t contradictory.

The Myth of the Mantle tells tale of how two of the most powerful of each Primordium race came together and with a unification rite created a protective barrier around what remained of the world.

The Triptych Edvant [ed-vahnt] recounts the tale of Sun’yo and Man’yia sacrificing themselves in order to create a chain of silver and gold to leash and keep the Gloom at bay.

The Ballad of  Triune reveals how Triune, the three-headed silver dragon, entered the dream realm in an attempt to save any elves that remained. Triune was unable to return as Scourge turned the elven homeland into a world of nightmare and chaos. A land where those nightmares and dreams could be called upon, let through gates, and set free to manifest in our world.

Since the Purge and the Days of Dawning the world continued its lethargic march through a weary and drab existence. The Primordium emerged from the smoke and fires of the Purge hollow husks of their former selves.

Dragons are trapped in a mortal shell in the form of wingless lizards.
Forced from their homes the Dwarven kingdom shattered into familial houses and spread across the unfamiliar world of the surface.
Tieflings were pushed far north and sent across the northern seas into exile on Laden’s Dagger at the edge of the Gloom Wall.
Some believe that the appearance of the firbolg after the Purge is evidence that the giants were cursed and now live as shadows of their former selves.