Remnants of the mighty beings of myth and dreams, Dragonborn are the last visible evidence that True Dragons once resided in the world. Since the Purge most Dragonborn spend their lives wandering the lands as adventurers, explorers, and scholars. Searching – always searching – for any remaining vestiges of their forgotten heritage and the lost mysteries of their ancestors.`

Forced from the depths of mountains and the deep earth by Creatures of Corruption, Dwarves now find home beneath the Gloomcast sky. Known for being the finest crafters of brew, stone, metal, and gem, they have created a vast network of trade and master craftsmen. From the ridges of the Wale Wall, to the towers of Torrek Krawhe, and to the streets of the Capital Cities, Dwarves are found throughout the lands.

Once eternal denizens of the Prairie of Dusk Elves have found themselves expelled from their homeland. Meridian families now guard the forests, strider families traverse currents of majick, and squatter families watch over pools of power slowing Corruption’s reach and in hopes that the Gloom may be pushed back. As it consumes the lands so does it consume their essence of life and age like that of mortals.

Legend claim Firbolg are the Children of the Giants. Cursed as punishment for serving the Gloom during The Before Times. Each generation more diminutive than the previous. Forswearing acts of overt aggression and living symbiotically with the earth, these children of giants now live in seclusion beneath Elven trees and amongst Gnomish hamlets.

Feral and savage, the cannibalistic gnomes find their homes in the secluded forests, deserts, swamps, and wastelands that humans find inhospitable or have yet to claim as their own. Gnomish culture, viewed as barbaric by most, is rich with art, rituals, and customs. They hold tight and true to the tenants of friendship and family as they try to find a place in the ever crowded “civilized” world.

Born with an insatiable curiosity, goblins have a natural talent for all things mechanical, herbal, and alchemical. Goblin hovels are filled with the stench of potions gone awry (or perfectly right) and the choking fumes of their machinations. Childish tinkerers, or mad geniuses, either way the goblin mind is one to truly experience and witness.

When the smoke and fog of the Purge cleared the halflings found themselves in a land not their own. Some claim they were summoned from another plane. Others say they were exiled. In the generations since, they have sworn to never harm one another as they scour the lands in mutual hope in finding a way home. Often mistrusted because of their questionable origin and prying ears, halflings are often hired for their uncanny ability to go unnoticed and gain valuable insight and secrets.

The Bearer of Plagues, the Swarm of Locusts, the Harbingers of Death, call them what you will, the human race is a diverse race that accomplished more since the Days of Dawning than any other race. With a short history and an even shorter lifespan, humankind is determined to forge a destiny and an age all its own. Whether that destiny sees the triumph over Corruption or an age to rival The Before Times remains to be seen.

Armed only with the Way of Venerable Steel, orcs have traveled the kingdoms in search of wisdom and their lost honor. As barbaric as they may seem on the outside, these warriors live by a strict moral code and seek out adventure to prove their worth to their people and bring glory and honor to their ancestral gods. Deep of passion and strong of heart, orcs can easily become lifetime friends or short-term enemies.

Some say the Tabaxi are the reason the humans haven’t fought their way into extinction. As ambassadors of peace, the Tabaxi have helped the lands and races flourish during the Days of Dawning. Since those early times the Tabaxi established a network of libraries and universities, and created several monastic orders to protect and preserve history in all its forms.

Since returning from exile during the Season of Ember’s Wrath centuries ago, Tieflings continue to search for a place to call home. Due to continued distrust of the race that shed its Elven heritage in favor of dark servitude, they continue to be hunted or enslaved by merchant lords. Within the bustle of cites, the protection of secluded villages, or as members of a company are the few places Tieflings can live in relative peace.