Ancient Tale of the Mahayoji Kro as written by Sushanda Baiyumuni,
Mahayoji Kro Poet Warrior

Darkness in
battle waged
Sister Mother’s Host
headlong dashed
Brother Father’s Horde
impetuously tore
empty plain on
together clashed
terra firma beneath
slain passed
bone destroyed from
creatures rose
flesh severed from
vegetation grew
divine spheres two
one another into crashed
azure one
crimson other
midnight sky across
splintered shattered
nightly heavens above
together descended

Sister Mother
warrior lone stood
Brother Father
savage single sat
stars glittered
moons glowed
Sister Brother paused
Brother Sister gaze held
Sister Mother fell
Brother Father knelt
wept Sister Mother wept
howled Father Brother howled

wounds seeping
closed licked
bones cracking
set made
lamentation aloud
Sister Mother turned
mourning cry
Brother Father returned
universe far reaches to
Sister Brother returned
wept Sister Mother wept
howled Brother Father howled

tears Sister’s of
heaven above from rained
blood Brother’s of
earth below from bled
bone shattered risen
flesh fashioned
blood on ash
tears fell
ash on tears
blood ran
tears on blood
ash drifted
blood ash tears
together mixed
by life granted
with form committed
in soul imbued
Kro awoke
Kro arose