We live in the darkness between the twilight of dusk and dawn.

Magic was once a part of us and us part of it. Then the Gloom, a bodiless form of fog and cloud, began to consume our lands. None remember how or when it came. Knowledge of its emergence vanished during the Purge generations ago.

As day gives way to the Gloom, the Manifest awaken from our dreams to stalk us from the shadows. What magic remains is fading. The power and glory of its rivers and seas are becoming beds of dust and death.

We have come to accept this existence. It is all we have known. It has become a part of us.

In darkness we live, we endure, we survive.

Venerate Jacobus Myghtes
General of the Order of the Sacrament
3rd Consort of the Foundation


"Sometimes, you just want someone to lead you down the darker path. Midnight Kingdoms is the perfect guide for that. The homebrewed world has been carefully crafted and refined in a way that makes the history feel real, rather than simply manufactured or something referenced once and never again. The cast seem to have fun even as their characters suffer, which is what we're all here for."

-Cassie Clark, Podchaser
"The Lord of the Slow Burn is a great title for this DM as he does an exceptional job at slowly ramping up his story, always keeping you intrigued for what is to come next. With a wonderfully dark homebrew world and a story that has you guessing at each step, Midnight Kingdoms brings about a new and good kind of Actual Play that helps it stand apart from most that are high adventure. Join this cast as they delve into the mysteries of the Midnight Kingdoms, and hopefully these adventurers don't regret it..."

-Lucas Duff, Podchaser
"This is a well produced TTRPG Acutal Play Podcast! I hope they have great success in the coming years and I cannot wait to hear what comes next! Keeping being awesome you guys!"

-Paul_Gerrish, iTunes
"A really well developed world with some interesting twists that set it on par with some of the best in the actual play world."

-sbspalding, Podchaser
"A dark, roleplay-focused story with veteran players and DM. The players and DM have clearly played with each other and grown together allowing them to roleplay difficult decisions and moral dilemmas which would not be possible in newer groups. The DM does a great job developing and describing an intricate world, and the players do a great job immersing themselves in their respective characters."

-HarryManback, Stitcher
"SO glad to have encountered the Midnight Kingdom Podcast! We're so excited to see where the podcast goes in the upcoming year and to become even more engaed in the story and lore!"

-GwenythGambleJarvi, iTunes
"A fascinating world unfolds before you. Death abounds. Hope fades yet heroes set forth to fix that which was broken. Enter the imaginative world of Midnight Kingdoms a grimdark RPG with heart. Begin with the lore episodes and you'll be hooked! I know I was!"

-Diana Dely, Podchaser

"I highly recomend listening to the Prelude episodes. I know many people skip these unless they have nothing else going on or choose to go back after things really pick up. You can clearly find a lot of time and effort has been provided for the world AND the characters within.
Adventures are fun and well paced. There is a good setup for what I hope to be a great story arch that I can tell I will want to subscribe to."

-Friday Knights, iTunes

"This podcast has such a unique story! So far, the story takes place over a single day or two and I can't explain how much it puts me on the edge of my seat! Production quality increases little by little and they are worth stick arounding for!"

-Dave Cole, Podchaser
"I heard about this on Twitter and was immediately interested in the concept. The sound quality and ambience are top-notch and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. Spooning goblins, forest fire prevention, and that heavy fog have got me hooked."

-Jairys_Tak, iTunes